Introducing Polywrap: The Universal Integration Standard for Web3

Enhancing the Web3 developer experience

Hey there,

If you found your way here, chances are you have interacted with Web3 in some form. This may include creating a Bitcoin wallet, or using Metamask to swap between two different cryptocurrencies on Uniswap, or perhaps casting a vote on someone’s proposal to release funds to a certain address.

First off, what is Web3?

Web3 is a decentralized internet built, operated, and managed by its users through monetarily gamified systems. Where Web2 users are subject to the policies and control of centralized server hosts, Web3 makes the ownership more distributed and participatory. It is a nascent space where developers create world-changing products that involve the permissionless and censorship-resistant transfer of value. 

However, Web3 is deeply lacking the infrastructure and universality of its protocols; issues you don’t normally see in Web2. These setbacks result in bloated applications, an over-exhaustion of developer resources, and barriers to entry for developers in various programming languages.

Make Way for Polywrap!🍃

Polywrap is a developer toolchain that brings the ease of Web2 to Web3. This project aims to make integrating Web3 protocols into your apps seamlessly, without sacrificing decentralization.

In addition, Polywrap is built with multi-platform support in mind. The Polywrap standard allows Web3 protocols to run on all types of devices in your favorite programming language (Rust, Javascript, Python, Go, C, C#, etc).

Our goal is to build a fluid and efficient environment that will bring Web2 developers and enterprises into the Web3 space. We are taking the one-dimensional and fragmented developer environment of Web3 and bringing standardization, composability, and multi-platform support. 

Here is a video explainer for the visual learners ;-)

APIs on Web3 should be searchable and easy to integrate with. Imagine a dApp that uses Synthetix, Uniswap, and Aragon all at once, without worrying about incompatibilities. Imagine a marketplace for Web3 protocols that offered alerts, bots, and analytics. These are some of the capabilities and services we intend to build as a result of our toolchain, which will be completely open-source.

But we cannot do this without sparking the network effect. This is why we are working with several strategic partners who are well-known within the DeFi and Web3 space. We're working closely with these teams to ensure our toolchain is a complete solution, ready to facilitate their amazing use-cases. Through this, we're kickstarting adoption and building with users in mind.

Who are our partners thus far?

  • Gnosis- Building new market mechanisms for decentralized finance

  • Fleek- Infrastructure for decentralized websites, web & native apps

  • Rockside- Ethereum transactions validated on time at the best price

  • Torus- An open-source key management system for Web3

  • Pocket Network- Trustless access to the full API for any blockchain client through a global, distributed network of node operators

  • Mantra DAO- A community-governed DeFi platform focusing on Staking, Lending, and Governance

  • Abridged- A technology stack to build and manage decentralized projects

  • DXdao-A DAO that develops, governs, and grows DeFi protocols and products 

  • Squad Games- A radical new way to build video games with mods in mind

  • dOrg - The premier Web3 development agency DAO

Things are just getting started

Our goal is to create a sequence of strategic integration partnerships where the most popular Web3 protocols use our toolchain, creating a network effect. We also aim to create a developer marketplace, called the Web3Hub, where we can offer added features on top of our Web3 standard.

We hope to keep you updated on our epic journey to evolve the Web3 ecosystem.

Are you interested in becoming a launch partner or core contributor? Do you have questions for the community building Polywrap

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Let’s get radical🍃

- Ing