Polywrap Development Updates December 4, 2020

Hear what's happening in the Polywrap DAO ecosystem

Hello, everyone. The Polywrap DAO has been cultivating our ecosystem, which spans from our builders to launch partners, community, and everything in between. In the meantime, we want to share some of the progress we have made and we hope you find it as exciting as we do! 🍃

Ecosystem Growth 

Two more development agencies have made proposals to work on Polywrap. NodeFactory is going to be working on the first draft specification document of the Polywrap standard. Concorde Studio is going to be creating a technical product specification and roadmap for “The Hub”.

We would also like to welcome Torus as one of our latest launch partners. Torus is an open-source key management system that makes Web3 applications feel just like Web2. This is perfectly in-line with our initiative of bringing the Web2 developer experience to Web3. We are excited to involve them early in our pre-alpha launch journey.

But hold on, we’ve got more! Mantra DAO has been nothing but supportive of our venture. They will be joining us as an early builder. We can’t stress how galvanizing this crew is. Here’s an excerpt of a quote from JP Mullins, their Co-Founder:

“With cross-chain DeFi products at the core of what MANTRA DAO is building, this inherently involves building a tech stack that is blockchain and programming language agnostic. We believe that what Polywrap is building is truly novel, and are looking forward to being a launch partner and strong participant within the Polywrap DAO.”

Core Development

  • Polyglot Polywrap Development: We've refined the architecture around how we transfer data in between the different Polywrap WASM modules and the Polywrap client host environment. This will allow us to support any WASM- compatible language, so that developers can create Polywrappers in whatever language they're most comfortable in. Big shout out to the developers working on https://github.com/wapc for the help and inspiration here.

  • Polywrap Dependencies: A standard around importing types and queries from external Polywrappers has been defined and implemented. This will allow for easy composability of Web3 protocols, through simple GraphQL interfaces. Additionally, you can easily walk a Polywrapper's dependency graph by just having access to its GraphQL schema.

  • Polywrap Client Plugins: In order to move quickly, we can't expect to rewrite the world of Web3 Javascript packages in WebAssembly before launch. In order to integrate Javascript based packages with your wrappers, the concept of Polywrap Client Plugins has been created. This will allow you to import Javascript based modules into your polywrappers just as you do for any other WASM based wrapper.

  • Abstract Polywrap Interfaces: We've identified the need for abstract Polywrap interfaces, allowing for multiple 3rd parties to develop implementations of the standard interface. The specification around how this will work is still in flux, but the goal is to enable universal standards that developers can adhere to in their Polywrappers, allowing them to be used in place of any other module that implements the standard.

Pre-alpha is coming ASAP, so feel free to contact us directly if you'd like to work with us! In any capacity. And be sure to follow our Twitter for updates.