Polywrap Development Updates, February 2021

New partnerships, builder expansion, pre-alpha launch coming soon

Hello Web3,

The Polywrap DAO expresses gratitude to the community for closely following our recent activities and progress.

Since the close of the round, we have been quietly building out the stack, onboarding new development teams, and coordinating with our growing roster of launch partners. 

2021 is the year where our toolchain and Polywrap integrations come to life. We envision an (at first) slowly propagating community, with a growing collection of the first Polywrappers being built.

With all that said, here are some recent updates:


  • The pre-alpha has been released, allowing developers to experiment with adding the Polywrap Javascript Client to their applications, and using the CLI to start building WASM-based wrappers! This is of course just a pre-alpha, but a great step forward for bringing ease of integration to Web3.

  • The specification has been drafted in the month of December. It’s still very early with lots of open PRs, but check out the introduction and architecture walkthrough. More pages coming soon.

  • Hiring for both the Core and Web3Hub teams has currently ended, with both teams able to move forward with development in an efficient fashion.

  • A first draft product roadmap for the Web3Hub, Polywrap’s developer portal and marketplace, has been created. The Web3Hub will be shipped in two major releases:

    *V0.5 - Where users can browse, create, and publish their own APIs.

*V1.0 - Where users can interact with APIs directly inside the browser

  • Pre-alpha walkthrough calls have been held with all of the existing launch partners. In these calls, they’ve been given a firsthand look at the Polywrap developer experience, and given the opportunity to share any feedback or concerns. These meetings have been immensely helpful for both parties, allowing us to plan into the future effectively.


Razor Network Signs with Polywrap as a Launch Partner

Taken from the announcement article: Razor’s decentralized oracle solution provides maximum game-theoretical security, ensuring that the off-chain data that is transmitted to blockchain applications remains secure and uncorrupted. Moreover, Razor is blockchain agnostic, and leading blockchain platforms have chosen to integrate Razor’s solution to power the smart contracts running on their ecosystems.

The main benefit of Razor Network’s partnership with Polywrap will enable Razor to use the Polywrap standard instead of creating multiple SDKs for different languages.

WalletConnect Signs MOU with Polywrap DAO for Integration

WalletConnect is an open protocol for connecting Wallets to Web3 and DeFi applications to mobile wallets with QR code scanning or deep linking. A user can interact securely with any Dapp from their mobile phone, making WalletConnect wallets a safer choice compared to desktop or browser extension wallets. This partnership will involve the co-exploration of the Polywrap toolchain.

Switching to Discord

The Polywrap DAO has moved all internal communications from Keybase to Discord, allowing for easier developer onboarding and communication with other communities in the Web3 space.

-> Interview with Blockchain Brad

Jordan and Ori of the Polywrap DAO completed an hour-long interview with Brad Laurie, an influencer with 40k followers on Twitter and 23k followers on Youtube.

-> dOrgjelli Presents Polywrap at ETH Denver

Jordan Ellis of the Polywrap DAO had some time to share about the problems developers face when building on Web3. Right now there is no easy way to interact with Web3 in any language. Polywrap is our way of making this possible. Check out the in-depth walkthrough and get a deep dive on the toolchain.

New Developments

The Polywrap DAO is working on bringing in new launch partners and engagements with enterprises outside of the blockchain ecosystem and have begun preliminary discussions.

Thank you for sharing in the mission to bring ease of integration to Web3, and thus adoption of blockchain technology. 

Contact us directly if you'd like to work with us in any capacity! And be sure to follow our Twitter for updates. 🌱 If you would like to speak directly with one of us, contact @Ingalandia on Twitter or Telegram.