Polywrap Signs Enya and OMG Network as Launch Partners

Integration will enhance developer experience building with OMGX

The Polywrap DAO is excited to announce that it has signed Enya and OMG Network as launch partners.  Enya is a leading provider of decentralized privacy solutions and is in partnership with OMG Network, a pioneer in Ethereum scaling development.  Together, Enya and OMG Network have developed OMGX.  OMGX is an Optimistic Rollup that not only scales Ethereum but expands the capabilities of smart contracts by enabling complex off-chain computations.

This strategic partnership between Polywrap, Enya, and OMG Network provides Web3 developers with the best tools to build on OMGX.  Polywrap’s toolchain enables OMGX dapp developers to easily integrate Web3 protocol logic into their applications, in any programming language, without sacrificing decentralization. This is a significant improvement from a majority of software development kits (SDKs) used today, which have notable security and performance issues.

“We’re thrilled to have the talented teams at Enya and OMG Network alongside us in our journey towards our Alpha release. The partnership will be invaluable in onboarding developers to the OMGX ecosystem. It will give them the tools and support that they need to build secure, performant dapps,” says Kevin Ngo, Developer Relations Engineer at Polywrap DAO. “The engineering and privacy expertise at both Enya and OMG Network will expedite Polywrap’s mission to become the standard for dapps integrating Web3 protocol logic.”

Like Enya, the Polywrap toolchain has a strong focus on security. Polywrap enables dapps to integrate protocol logic stored at a decentralized endpoint at runtime, like IPFS, rather than bundled into the dapp itself.

“We are looking forward to working closely with the Polywrap team to create a vibrant developer experience on OMGX. We believe that security, maintainability, and decentralization are paramount to the success of any Web3 protocol. The Polywrap toolchain has these mission-critical qualities, and much, much more,” says Alan Chiu, Founder and CEO at Enya.

📓 - The Polywrap DAO has countersigned its partnership through a Snapshot proposal, which you can view here. Together, the projects will further the ease of integration, automation and the developer experience on OMGX.

🌱 - Contact us directly if you'd like to work with Polywrap in any capacity! And be sure to follow our Twitter for updates. 

🧪 - To learn more about Enya, visit Enya.ai or follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.
🧪 - To build on the new OMGX platform, visit omgx.network.