Polywrap Welcomes Gelato Network as a new Integration Partner

Hello Builders,

The Polywrap DAO has been steadily preparing for its pre-alpha launch. In the meantime, the DAO builders have been establishing strategic partnerships that will provide an early network effect to the use of the Polywrap toolchain. The most recent of which is a project called Gelato Network.

Gelato is a tool for developers to automate smart contracts on the Ethereum network. It enables developers to quickly build automated dapps, without having to worry about building, deploying, and running the necessary bot infrastructure to support it.

Polywrap and Gelato have one crucial thing in common: improving the developer experience

"With the help of Polywrap, Gelato will enable every web3 developer to easily automate the execution of transactions on networks like Ethereum, giving them the ability to provide arbitrary instructions to a decentralized network of bots with a single Polywrap call." - @hilmarxo of Gelato Network

The Polywrap DAO has countersigned its partnership through a snapshot proposal, which you can view here. Together the projects will further the ease of integration, automation and the developer experience.

Contact us directly if you'd like to work with us in any capacity! And be sure to follow our Twitter for updates. 🌱 If you would like to speak directly with one of us, contact @Ingalandia on Twitter or Telegram.